Angel - Virtual life assistant

AI Platform, Designed To Enhance Human Thinking, Planning And Decision-Making Process.



Who are we?

Angel a is virtual life assistant, a Blockchain based Artificial intelligence system that is smart enough to understand and predict your intentions. It will have a unique and valuable property of being able to serve as your independent future consultant in uncertain, unknowable and unpredictable future time frames. You can specify your desired goal in CA mobile app, which will trigger CA central intelligence (mastermind) to advocate on your behalf in the future and guide you towards achieving your life goals. We are focusing on AI's assistive role, emphasizing the fact that it is designed to enhance human intelligence. The idea is to design a system that supplements and supports human thinking, analysis, planning, and decision-making process, with the intentionality of a human actor lying at the heart of the human-computer interaction.

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Token/ Angel

Start yout token from round 1.

Token Details and Bonus information is given below
Make soft cap to $1,000,000 Hardcap: $4,000,000

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IEO I Start

Bonus: 35% Started

Round 1 Our Platform

Bonus: 35% - 10% Started

IEO II Start

Start date dependant on raising listing fees.


Start date dependant on raising listing fees

Token Name & Symbol

Angel Token / Angel

Decimal: 18


Angel Tokens Virtual Life Assistant

Token Type

We consider our token not to be a security due to its utility and consumptive tokens and have obtained qualified legal advice concerning our token.

Token Ticker ANGEL

Emission Rate No new coins will ever be created after the Token Generation Event. Total Supply - 2M ANgel Token
Token Network-Ethereum (ERC-20)

Contact Address

0x6386db8bbb746B03Ca96bb394b1dC3F7ed1C280c. Crowdsale Token Value 1 ETH = 1,000 ANGEL + Bonuses


ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens.

Our Core Services

Decentralized technologies are the future.


AI and Blockchain are complementary and synergistic technologies. The objective is to formulate intelligence as a blockchain process. While AI helps us to assess, understand, recognize and decide, blockchain can help us to verify, execute and record. While the machine learning methods can help us find opportunity and improve decision making, smart contracts and blockchain can automate verification of the transactional parts of the process.


We aim to provide a business model which will accelerate development of generalized and democratized AI in a decentralized manner by providing a framework as a tool for AI developers and data providers to build machine learning models, provide data training sets and contribute to the development of Common AI or what we call “Mastermind” (Angel central intelligence system) in return for ANGEL tokens.


Angel is a framework where there are inputs which are processed and turned into outputs. Dataset inputs will be collected through CA "life logging" plugins that will include recording of every “action” in the sense of capturing habits, opinions, and subjective experiences of people's life, encoding them and build “personal mindset data file” onto blockchain for the integrated data analysis of individuals and populations.


We are reinventing the operation of thinking in a decentralized way. What would it really be like to have packetized thoughts and packetized intelligence? Limiting factor in developing machine learning algorithms is time and computing power. A lot of the world’s computing Power goes to waste as thousands and millions of devices remain idle for a considerable amount of time. Being able to coordinate and combine these resources will enable us to make efficient use of computing Power.


Angel blockchain is giving rise to a new form of consensus model called Proof of intelligence. We are reinventing new consensus mechanism, moving from a proof or work or proof of stake model as are the current industry standards for cryptocurrencies, to new consensus mechanisms called proof of intelligence. This will be used for higher-level CA smart network operations rather than simple transaction recording. In one way, proof of intelligence will serve.


The first step in building a Angel’s central intelligence will be instantiating a blockchain-based memory system, the idea is to use IPFS system to create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer storage. IPFS is a project that envisions a global peer-to-peer file-serving system using the versioning functionality of Github to affirm file content, and the hashing and unique identifier functionality of blockchains to confirm file provenance. Every dataset input will be tagged & addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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how may I take part in the token sale

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